Ukrainian doctors hope that in 2013 the level of confidence of parents in vaccination will increase and, accordingly, the number of immunized children in Ukraine will increase, chief pediatric immunologist of the Kyiv healthcare department Fedir Lapiy told a briefing, ForUm correspondent reports.

"There were few periods when public confidence in the vaccine decreased, there was a crisis of vaccination. The first crisis led to an outbreak of diphtheria in the 1990s. The second one began with the 2000s, and intensified over the years. However, there were 60-70% of parents, who wanted to protect their children with vaccination. Social surveys in 2008 showed that 70% of parents support vaccination.

If to compare levels of vaccination coverage, the most difficult year was 2010 - rates were minimal. In 2011, there was a slight increase, and in 2012, the level of coverage for various infections rose from 20% to 60%. I think we will complete 2013 even with the better performance. We are glad that there is an increase, but we have not reached the European level of vaccination by age of 90-95%," he said.

Lapiy added that only 10 vaccinations against infectious diseases are done in Ukraine for state funds. "This is a social minimum of countries. Industrially developed and civilized countries vaccinate a lot more. For example, the United States vaccinate against 16 infectious diseases, Austria - 17. But mostly this rate of vaccination is 13-14 infectious diseases for the state budget".

"We always say we need defend ourselves, not fall ill. We now have a significant progress in vaccination. We can prevent not less than thirty infectious diseases," he concluded.


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