Individual manifestations of anti-Semitism in Ukraine should not be dramatized, deputy foreign minister of Israel Ze'ev Elkin told a press conference, ForUm correspondent reports.

"As a person, who has close ties with many of Ukrainian residents and stays here often enough, I would not describe the situation as fascisation of Ukraine or in alike dramatic terms. Of course, Israel is concerned about anti-Semitism manifestations, which take place in Ukraine, both physical and verbal," he said.

Elkin added that he had discussed this issue with representatives of the Ukrainian government.

In addition, he noted that there are individual cases of anti-Semitism in Eastern Europe in general and in several other countries. "Ukraine is no exception," he stressed.

According to Elkin, intolerance cases should be stopped. "Historical experience unfortunately shows that if verbal or physical anti-Semitism is not responded accurately and quickly, it can lead to very unpleasant consequences. As experience has shown, those, who are trying to play this card, reach nothing. This may give a short-term tactical result, but such strategy, as a rule, leads such political force to nowhere," the diplomat concluded.


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