The new draft of the Constitution of Ukraine will be ready by the end of May. Among the proposals discussed there is reducing the number of MPs to 300, and a bicameral Parliament, former President of Ukraine, head of the Constitutional Assembly Leonid Kravchuk informed.

Kravchuk said that work on the Constitution has proved even more difficult than he had imagined. "It suggests a number of innovations, additions to the text, we need to include in the new Constitution judicial reform, reform of the law enforcement system, add new sections, for example, protection of the Constitution," the former President said.

He noted that the draft will provide for responsible for non-compliance of the Constitution by officials.

According to the ex-president, the Constitutional Assembly will also consider the question of the constitutionality of the referendum law: whether the Constitution may be changed on referendum. "Six members of the Assembly filed such a statement, and we cannot ignore this issue. However, the Constituent Assembly operates under the statutes and it does not give us the right to such an assessment, otherwise we undertake the powers of the Constitutional Court," Kravchuk stressed.

He considers the question of amending the Constitution on a referendum rather ambiguous. "Changes in the Constitution under the 13th section are the competence of the Parliament. That is, the amendment of the Constitution on a referendum is not provided for by the Constitution itself. But then the question arises: we prepared changes, they were approved by the Venice Commission, the Council of Europe, the President submitted the draft to Parliament, and it cannot pass the draft. After all, you realize that this Parliament will not pass it. What the Ukrainian people should do, if the Parliament has forgotten about Ukraine in fights? The referendum law was adopted for this reason. If the parliamentary crisis makes it impossible to pass the new Constitution, the people will adopt it. Changes are needed for sure: the Venice Commission stresses that. We have a lot of conflicts in the Basic Law," Kravchuk added.


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