There is a fairly high level of information security in Ukraine, first deputy head of the counter-intelligence protection of the state interests in the field of information security of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) Vitaly Khlevitsky told journalists, ForUm correspondent reports.

"If we assess the state of information security of Ukraine, we can say that the level of security of information resources and information systems is high enough. To date, there are enough means of technical cryptographic protection of information," he stressed.

At the same time Khlevitsky noted that it is still not possible to talk about full protection as along with information technologies directed at creating favorable conditions for the society, the criminal world develops, which often uses the most sophisticated ways to break into certain systems and resources.

In addition, he noted that the complexity of identifying cyber criminals is that their actions have a high latency character. "The aggrieved party may not even realize that it is such. The process of documenting of crime of virtual nature often requires the use of a variety of international legal standards," Klevitsky said and added that legislation alone is not enough to combat cybercrime.


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