Consideration of the United Energy Systems of Ukraine case involving charges against Tymoshenko cannot start because the defendant does not want to come for trials, Prosecutor Viktoria Kalyta told a briefing in court, Ukrinform reports.

"The eighteenth time we come to the court to start the UESU proceedings. For almost a year it has not been possible due to the fact that Tymoshenko does not want to come to the court. The court, given her stubborn refusal, checked on the technical opportunities of the hospital where she is staying to learn about the possibility of the meetings via a video conference. But Tymoshenko refused from videoconferencing twice. This, saying so, hypocritical behavior of the defendant has led to a situation that the proceedings cannot move on for nearly a year," Kalyta said.

According to her, Tymoshenko, like other defendants, must appear in court, which is her direct duty.
"It is strange that a person respecting European values so much expresses an outright contempt for the court. European experts should make an assessment of this trial once. They are sure to pay attention to the defendant's behavior," Kalyta said.



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