Prime Minister Mykola Azarov, speaking during the hour of questions to the government today in the Parliament, called on MPs to return to constructive actions. He recalled that in 2010, it was well-coordinated work of all branches of government, which helped the country in economic crisis.

"The success of the reforms largely depends on the coordinated work of all branches of government. Certainly, in 2010, it would be much more difficult to pull the country out of the economic abyss, into which it had fallen, if there was no coordinated work of the President, government and Parliament. Where there is no teamwork, there is no result. I appeal to all – do not confuse Parliament with barricades and public policy with the rally," Azarov said.

In the same speech, Prime Minister stressed that the opposition is also partially guilty of the current situation in the country. He recalled how during the election campaign, the opposition threatened Ukrainians with default, economic collapse, rising prices and the collapse of the hryvnia, which caused a foreign exchange rush among the population.

"I want to ask these oracles, who are sitting now in this hall and try to incite fear - where are your prophecies? Who have benefited from them - common people or speculators? How many of you will be responsible for the damage done to people?" Azarov asked


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