Director of the Institute of Credit Relations of Kyiv National Economic University Ihor Ivasiv believes that depositors of treasury obligations will not be disappointed in the system, and will reinvest funds two years later. He said during a round table on: "Investment opportunities for private investors in 2013: tools and experience of their use", ForUm correspondent reports.

"The first result of dissemination of treasury bills has been very optimistic and exceeded expectations. Now coupon is paid, and it is a good signal to potential investors. In my opinion, in two years the people, who already have these treasury bills, will reinvest funds, and it will be a strong signal to other potential buyers of these securities," he said.

At the same time, he noted that criticism of the relatively slow spread of the second series of treasury bills is quite sharp, and the people who bought the first series, are simply now awaiting the result.

In his words, treasuries are unique investment tool.

"Nowhere in the world government securities are considered as investment. In Ukraine, the Finance Ministry, first, offers safe securities, as they are state, and, second, offers an attractive interest rate per annum," Ivasiv added.

In turn, deputy director of the Oshchadbank retail business department Oleksandr Nesterenko said: "If the amount of deposit compensation by the Guarantee Fund is 200 million UAH, the compensation of treasury bills will be guaranteed in full".

He added that it is a liquid tool, which is interesting for investors and is guaranteed by the state, regardless of the amount of securities purchased.

At the same time, he noted that the interest in treasury bonds in local currency, which the Finance Ministry is going to release in the second half of 2013, will depend on the proposed profitability and awareness of population about this investment instrument.


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