In the first quarter of 2013, imports of cars, vehicles and equipment amounted to 25% of all imports to Ukraine, the press service of the customs department of the Incomes and Fees Ministry of Ukraine informed.

It also reported that fuel and energy materials accounted for 28% in total imports in the first quarter of the current year.

Among the leaders of imports this year there are products of chemical industry - 16%, foodstuffs and agricultural products - 12%, and metals and products thereof - 6%.

The total share of these items in the structure of imports made up 87%. In the first quarter of this year, exports of metal and its products accounted for 27% of total exports of Ukraine.

A high demand for Ukrainian food and agricultural products is observed, providing for 26% of exports. Among the commodity groups leading export operations this year is machinery and equipment - 17%, chemical industry - 9%, mineral products - 6% and fuel-energy materials - 6%.

These products are the foundation of the structure of export trade of Ukraine in the first quarter of 2013, their share is 92% of total exports.


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