In 2012, the number of scientists, emigrated abroad, nearly tripled, President of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Borys Paton said during the general meeting of the NASU.

"If in the course of a long period no more than 10 of our highly qualified scientists emigrated abroad annually, last year the figure was already 29," Paton said.
He attributes this to the extremely poor level of science funding, and a further drop in prestige of the scientist in society.

"At the same time, academic institutions, branches of the Academy of Sciences, the Academy as a whole under-uses available resources and capabilities to address current staffing problems, particularly to attract and retain talented young people in science," Paton said.

President of the National Academy of Sciences also noted that after a long period of stabilization, the number of scientists in the last two years decreased by 600 people, and now stands at just over 19 thousand, in particular in 2012 the number of Associates of Sciences decreased by 0.7% and Doctors of Sciences - by 1.4%.


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