Leader of the Party of Regions faction Oleksandr Yefremov considers that the opposition's demand to dismiss the Cabinet of Ministers is inappropriate, he told a briefing in the Parliament, ForUm correspondent reports.

"There is a crisis in the world. All countries are trying to consolidate a policy to direct all efforts to address the problematic issues in the state. But our opposition wants to dismiss the Prime Minister and the government. There is another question if somebody supports this idea or not. But the very formulation of this issue discredits our country before our foreign partners and does not contribute to the financial and economic climate in the country," he said indignantly.

According to Yefremov, the opposition has no appropriate candidates that could enter the new composition of the Cabinet.

According to him, today the Party of Regions has the best Ukrainian specialists. "Call me names of experts that can be a Prime Minister today, can solve the current problems in the state and can overpay six billion dollar to Russia for the gas in context of the global crisis. Let's be objective to people who work in our state, and let's not vilify them," Yefremov summed up.

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