The Foreign Ministry of Ukraine is outraged by incorrect statement of TV-presenter Ivan Urgant voiced on the air of the Russian "First Channel", which is sharply discordant with the high level of strategic partnership between Ukraine and the Russian Federation and the atmosphere of friendship and mutual understanding between our peoples. This is stated in the statement of the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine, published on the Ministry’s website.

"Unfortunately, there were many tragedies in the history of our people, and it is unacceptable to speculate on them. In the modern civilized world, such jokes are considered to be bad taste and disrespectful to the memory of millions of victims of the totalitarian regime.
Trying to be sharp-witted does not give the right to the famous showman to stoop to the level of jokes, based on human misery, bloodshed and death," the statement reads.

The Foreign Ministry also noted that such statements demean Urgant himself, who is also a frequent guest of the Ukrainian TV, and have already received a very negative assessment of Ukrainian and Russian society.

The Foreign Ministry demands from the "First Channel" to assess the incident.
Earlier, in cooking TV show Urgant made fun of Ukrainians with the phrase: "I chopped fresh herbs, like red commissioner chopped Ukrainian villagers".

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