Former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko has again refused to meet with her allies in the visiting room of Central Clinical Hospital No.5, according to a statement posted on the Web site of the State Penitentiary Service of Ukraine, Interfax informs.

The prison service officials twice visited Tymoshenko on Friday to ask if she was ready to meet with the MPs, who came to visit her.

"The convict went out into the corridor using a walking frame, reached the visiting room, and having caught sight of her allies, who were waiting for her, through the front door, she quickly returned to her room and said that she refused to come to the visiting room," the statement reads.

The prison service's staff went back to the ex-premier and offered her their assistance in organizing the meeting, in particular, suggested putting a bed in the visiting room, and asked what kind of help she needed, the Penitentiary Service said.

In response, Tymoshenko called the employees of the establishment provocateurs and said that she wouldn't leave her room. The lawmakers who were waiting for the ex-premier were told of Tymoshenko's refusal to see them.

The prison service said that they made no obstacles to the meeting adding that the ex-premier "was deliberately provoking such conflict situation for personal political reasons."

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