Ukrainian government's efforts are now focused on the recovery of economy under the global economic crisis, vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Yuri Boyko said in interview, commenting on the first 100 days of work of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine in the new composition.

"We, as all European countries, have felt the effects of economic crisis. The government's efforts were aimed at making up the program on enhancing economy," Boiko added.

Vice Prime Minister also said that those key sectors, which have high technical and scientific expertise, will receive state support.

"The fundamental priority for us is aircraft industry, space industry, shipbuilding, machinery, mainly agricultural, given the potential of the agricultural sector in the country. There are those industries, development of which as a locomotive pulls 10-15 related industries. For example, one job in shipbuilding or aircraft allows you to create 10-15 jobs in other industries," Boiko said.

According to him, the program of economy revitalization is quite ambitious, and its implementation in terms of the real sector will significantly increase the country's GDP, create additional 60 million jobs and, consequently, increase the deduction of taxes.

"The program is already being implemented, and the first pilot projects in the near future will be funded through the banks," Boiko summed up.

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