Since today, holders of A series state currency treasury bonds start to get the first coupon payments on their securities. The yield size is 23 dollars for each security of 500 dollars (9.2%). To get income, a holder should come to any of the Oschadbank branches, which performs operations with currency treasury bills, deputy director of the Oshchadbank retail business department Oleksandr Nesterenko said.
"The next coupon payment, in accordance with the decree of the Finance Ministry, starts from the second day after the end of the coupon period. That is, the coupon period ends on April 10, and from April 11 we start to pay coupon interest on these treasury bonds," Nesterenko explained.
He recalled that profitability of the first series of treasury bonds is 9.2% per annum and payments are guaranteed by the state. In addition, the banker cited a number of advantages of this instrument, for example, anonymity. When buying treasury bills of the Finance Ministry, one does not have to submit documents, to provide any information about himself. Moreover, income from treasury bonds is not taxed.
Responding about the possibility of buying such securities, Nesterenko noted that the A series treasury bonds are already available, so they now they can be purchased only on the secondary market. "Now, B series treasury bills are offered, anyone can buy them," representative of the Oshchadbank said.

The nominal value of A series treasuries is $ 500, the yield of each coupon is $ 23, payments are made semi-annually. Sale of these securities is carried out by the Oschadbank.


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