The Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center changed the forecast for Kyiv on the levels and timing of the passage of spring flooding. The experts predict that it will be above the average of many years, director of the Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center Mykola Kulbida said at the meeting of the KCSA standing committee for industrial and environmental safety and emergency situations.

According to him, the last spring flood forecast for Kyiv was made on March 6, but the situation has changed in the rivers, forming the flow of water to the Kyiv and Kanev water storages.

According to him, now meteorologist took large amounts of spring tide, 6500 cubic meters a second, in the calculations. They also took into account that the level of the Kanev reservoir will be brought to the dead zone - that is 91.0 meters. The relevant decision was made by the interdepartmental commission of the State Agency for Water Resources. Kyiv reservoir is not used yet, Kulbida added.

"Thus, it is estimated that the maximum water level on the Dnipro River near Hydro Park will be more than last year, and in some places higher than the average of many years. It is expected to be in range of 670-740 cm above the nominal level of zero, or 93.7-94.4 meters under the Baltic system," the chief meteorologist said.

According to the calculations of the Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center, industrial facilities and residential areas are not under threat of flooding.


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