In February, the average salary in Kyiv amounted to 4683 UAH, director of the Kyiv City Employment Center Viktor Sukhomlyn said during the roundtable, ForUm correspondent reports.

The official said that this rate is significantly influenced by two areas - IT and telecommunications (with the average rate of 7429 UAH), and finance and insurance (8557 UAH).

"We are interested that qualified, but temporarily unemployed, personnel could get a high-paying positions in these areas. Overall, in the first quarter of 2013, 29 thousand new jobs were set up in Kyiv, which is 9% more than in January-March 2012. However, applicants are undervalued by employers today," Sukhomlyn said.
"Today, the parties have their own interests. Banking sector wants to get normal specialists, universities are able to prepare them, the employment centers provide contact with candidates. The specificity of the capital employment center is that we have registered 82% of people with complete higher education, no other administrative region has such a rate. Of this amount, the first place is taken by accounting experts, followed by engineers and lawyers. These people can be further prepared with our help according to the specific requirements of employers," the official noted.

Viktor Sukhomlyn continued that recently the new law on employment came into force, the purpose of which, among other things, is an increase in the professional level of the working population according to the needs of society, a balance of the demand for labor.

"In this regard, bankers and IT companies can help with creating jobs for new technologies, we – with our labor resources database, the higher education establishments - with further training or retraining. The consolidated work of all these parties will reduce unemployment in the capital as well as in the whole country," he added.


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