The Economic Development Ministry considers that if the Ukrainian automakers do not take advantage of the period of action of protective duties on imported cars, it will affect the industry, director of the strategic planning of economy development department of the Economic Development and Trade Ministry of Ukraine Yevhen Oliynykov said, ForUm correspondent reports.

"We understand that introduction of this duty is a necessary measure, which our Ministry is not happy about. Moreover, we are well aware that the products, now offering by our automakers, cannot compete with foreign car industry. Therefore, we consider this period of protective duty as a definite chance for local producers to find ways to improve the quality of their products. If they do not take advantage of this opportunity, Ukraine will have one sub-sector less," the head of the department said.

At the same time, he noted that the volume of imported cars will not reduce, and the very introduction of this fee will not fundamentally affect the structure of the market.

"I'm not sure that the import will be reduced significantly. First, importers stepped up cars import. Therefore, by the end of the year we'll see a separate balance on what was imported in the first quarter, and on reduction, for example, in the second. Second, the car importers do not work at a loss. They will continue work, so we cannot say that we have introduced a defensive system that will lead to fundamental changes in the structure of the market," he stressed.

In addition, Oliynykov hopes that domestic automakers will be able to increase offer in the market.

According to him, today the maximum term of protective customs duties on imported cars is three years, but in the case of revision. This period may be shortened.


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