Some days ago, the resolution of the Cabinet regulating terms of validity of driving licenses came into force. Paragraph 3 of the resolution stipulates that driving license of A, A1, B and B2 categories, registered and issued after resolution's entry into force, are valid for 20 years since the day of issue, and driving licenses of other categories - for 10 years. Such licenses are subjected to replacement in accordance with established procedure.

Documents issued before the resolution's entry into force are valid until stipulated expiry date.

Moreover, driving licenses, issued by USSR regulation size, remain valid until January 1, 2014. To renew the driving license, a driver must submit required pack of documents to the traffic police department.

ForUm has decided to ask experts and MPs about what owners of driving licenses of old design should do and what kind of problems they might face.

Bohdan Aganin, expert on motor march:

- In fact, no problems with renewal of driving licenses should occur, as the Traffic Police have simplified the procedure of renewal of documents.

Moreover, the authorities warned about new regulations of issuing long time ago. It should be done in connection with the implementation of the European legislation, in particular the European Convention on Road Traffic.

Oleksandr Zubenko, head of the routine maintenance department of the Traffic Police:

- Blank forms of driving licenses are supplied as scheduled. There is certain rush, as too many people have decided to replace USSR documents at the same time, but nevertheless, departments of driver services can handle it.

I want to remind that driving licenses issued in independent Ukraine, after 1993, are still valid and should not be renewed obligatory. In fact, they have no expiration date, while driving license of new regulation size have duration. It is a requirement of the European Convention on Road Traffic.

Serhiy Budnyk, head of the traffic safety and automated systems center of the Interior Ministry of Ukraine:

- According to the Law "On single state demographic registry", all driving licenses issued before 1993 and approved by USSR authorities must be replaced. Ukraine is an independent state now, and its citizens cannot use documents issued by no longer existing country. To put things in order, including provision of control over drivers' health conditions, we carry out document replacement procedure.

Oleh Zarubinski, MP:

- Replacement of driving licenses is an automatic procedure. Nobody is asked to pass exams or to follow red tape procedures. Soviet documents are over 20 years old and must be replaced with modern copies. There are not so many people still having soviet driving licenses, so no rush is expected. Moreover, soviet documents have no protection against forgery - no watermarks, no nothing.

Driving license of A, A1, B and B2 categories will be valid for 20 years since the day of issue, and driving licenses of С, С1, D, D1 categories - for 10 years. It is not a short term. Drivers must provide only a medical certificate, proving his ability to respond adequately to a situation on the road.

Vasyl Zaichenko, lawyer, former head of the traffic safety department of the Traffic Police:

- Driving licenses of USSR regulation size are obsolete. Moreover, some people were 18 when they received those licenses. How can you possible recognize them by those photos now? The replacement procedure is very simple - a driver comes, provides a medical certificate and gets a new copy.

As for the validity term, it is a normal practice existing all over the world.

Vasyl Popik, chairman on the Professional Union of taxi drivers of Ukraine:

- Obviously, soviet documents must be replaced with new copies. A diving license with a photo issued 20 years ago is definitely obsolete. And if the process is simple and free from corruption, I don't see a problem.


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