The healthcare minister Rayisa Bohatyriova explained what hampers the implementation of healthcare reform in pilot regions during the extended meeting of the Healthcare Ministry board, ForUm correspondent reports.

"We failed to reach all the targets. For example, we couldn’t fully finalize legal status of all primary healthcare facilities in the pilot regions. City of Kyiv, Donetsk and Dnipropetrovsk regions lag behind.

The minister added that it is not always enough funds for the medical reform. Providing pilot regions with ambulances would be faster, if the government could provide funding on time, Bohatyriova said.

However, the minister is sure that all the planned activities in four pilot regions will be performed in 2013. "In 2012, when we started work, there was no experience. Now we can achieve a better result," the minister highlighted.

She added that the preparatory work for the adoption of law on compulsory medical insurance is being conducted now.

According to the minister, it is necessary to calculate the available human, material and technical resources of health facilities, to make the state register of patients, pass the regulations for the economic calculations for each type of medical care.


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