The opposition was not allowed to attend the meeting of the majority because they could disrupt it, MP from the Party of Regions faction Dmytro Shentsev said in exclusive commentary to ForUm correspondent.

"Our opponents are always trying to block the work of the majority, so we did not let them in here, as they were most likely to block this meeting as well," MP explained.

According to Shentsev, the meeting is held in accordance with the law and is considered legitimate.
"We have the right to gather here. When the accounting commission announced that there are 244 MPs registered, we suggested transforming meeting into the plenary session in view of the fact that it is impossible to hold it in the session hall of the Parliament," he said.

Member of the party of Regions also noted that members of the majority are ready to return to the session hall of the Parliament for the evening sitting, if they are asked by the opposition.

"If the opposition is ready to discuss issues of concern, we are ready to go back into the hall at any time”.

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