Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered Gazprom to return to the development of the Yamal-Europe 2 gas pipeline for supplies to Poland, Slovakia and Hungary.

"With the Nord Stream and the South Stream, we have actually abandoned the Yamal-Europe 2 project. We have almost started works on the South Stream, and I would ask you to go back to the Yamal-Europe-2 project," Putin said during his meeting with CEO of Gazprom Alexey Miller.

According to Putin, the project touches upon "securing gas-supply to Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary”.

Miller responded: "As for our large-scale projects, the Nord Stream and the South Stream, the Nord Stream is built on schedule in October 2012 brought to design capacity of 55 billion cubic meters. The South Stream was started to be constructed in December 2012, and there is no doubt that the first line will be built in December 2015, and our gas will go to the European Union".

He said that "all four pipelines are to be completed in December 2017 and volume of deliveries will make up 63 billion cubic meters of gas".

However, according to Miller, "there are questions of reliability and security of supply to the Central and the Eastern Europe - Poland, Slovakia and Hungary".

“The options of building a gas pipeline from Belarus are being worked out with the understanding that today the transit through Belarus via Yamal-Europe-1 pipeline is the most cost-effective," the Gazprom CEO noted.

He added that "the gas transportation system (of Belarus - Ed.) is owned by the Gazprom and this route of gas supplies to European consumers is the most efficient in terms of logistics.
"Market research has shown that we can have 15 billion cu. m. of gas," Miller said.
Miller specified that "negotiations were held with Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, at the corporate level." "We would be ready to proceed with the development of pre-feasibility studies, prior to the pre-investment stage," he stressed.

Commenting on the timing of the project, he assumed that it may be 2018-2019. He added: "There is definitely clear that the effectiveness of such a project would be very, very high. The partners on the corporate level have already shown a great interest in cooperation".

Putin also noted that the Gazprom now discuss the issue with British partners to build one more pipeline of the Nord Stream earmarked for the UK.



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