The events taking place in Syrian are a part of the plan of the US and its allies to conquer big region, including Central Asia, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Syrian Arab Republic in Ukraine Mr. Mohamed Said Akil told online conference at ForUm.

"The events happening in Syrian are the realization of the plan, approved by the West (US and its allies) to map new Middle East. And this plan is based on the theory of civilization wars. According to the plan, the Middle East should fall into pieces, small territories easy to control. The realization of the plan started with Iraq in 2003. Then there was the turn of Tunis, Egypt, Sudan, Libya, Yemen, Lebanon and finally Syria.

The countries fighting against us are the US and other NATO countries, including Turkey. Several Arab countries have also been involved in the plan. Those who carry out acts of terrorism are not the opposition, but terrorists being supported by these countries," Mohamed Said Akil said.
According to the ambassador, Syrian opposition is ready to hold a dialogue with the authorities.
"National opposition in Syria stands against foreign interference and split of the country. A part of the opposition has already entered the government. This opposition wants to hold a dialogue with the authorities and to carry out a number of reforms necessary for further democratization of the country," the diplomat said.
Mohamed Said Akil believes that nationwide dialogue will stop armed conflict in Syria. "Countries financing terrorists should stop doing it, and representatives of our people regardless of beliefs and ideologies should sit and talk. Only then we will be able to overcome the conflict.
Our authorities have been calling for negotiations since the first day of the conflict. Unfortunately, the so-called foreign opposition does not agree. Its only demand is overthrow of power and resignation of the President," the politician summed up.


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