In the course of Syrian conflict, local authorities care not only about Muslims, but Christians as well, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Syrian Arab Republic in Ukraine Mr. Mohamed Said Akil told online conference at ForUm.

"Not only Christians suffer terror in Syria. All Syrian people fight international terrorism. Terrorists attack our infrastructure and kill civilians regardless of their religious beliefs or nationality," he said.
According to the ambassador, chief mufti of the republic does not divide the Syrian people into Christians and Muslims.

"When our leader was asked how many Christians live in the country he said 23 million. When he was asked how many Muslims live in the country he also answered 23 million. In response to the question about overall population of Syria, the mufti said - 23 million people. For him, every citizen of the country represents all confessions and religions," the ambassador cited.

The conflict in Syrian has been lasting for two years. At the beginning, peaceful protest actions against the policy of President Bashar Assad were suppressed by the authorities, which provoked resistance. As a result, local clashes between the opposition and police forces have turned into a civil war. According to UN data, more than 70 thousand people became victims of the conflict, and more than two million people had to leave their homes and seek asylum.


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