The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved the rules of visiting the government building. The corresponding decree № 212 was adopted by the government on April 1.

Visitors can enter the building of the government only through the guard posts, equipped with automatic systems and devices, the specifications for which are developed by the State Security Office.

The entrance is forbidden for persons with arms, ammunition, explosives and devices, video, photo, audio and video equipment, sound reinforcement equipment, except when otherwise required by the order.

In addition, the entrance to the government building is banned for people, having tear-gas spray containers, special agents, toxic, radiological, flammable substances, items dangerous to life and health.

In the government building it is prohibited to stay in the state of alcohol or drug intoxication. It is banned to use telephones of government communications without permission of the responsible official.

The ground for visiting the government building by officials and officers, citizens of Ukraine, foreigners and stateless persons in the prescribed manner is permanent or temporary e-cards, as well as documents certifying their identity.

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