There will be no sudden flood in Kyiv. The situation is controlled. The Dnipro River reservoirs are ready to accept the estimated number of additional water, deputy chairman of the State Agency of Water Resources of Ukraine Oleksiy Chunarev said on the air of 5 channel.

"We are ready for the high water. We are ready to receive excess of water in tanks, which were prepared in advance. This, in particular, is the Kyiv reservoir - we are ready to intake more than 800 million cubic meters of water - this is a potential amount of water, which will go to Kyiv," Chunarev said.

According to him, a sudden flood is not expected. "The flood, or spring tide - is a predictable phenomenon, we can say how many cubic meters of water will go through Kyiv. In fact, we saw that the large amount of precipitation fell on March 20-22. We have reviewed and analyzed situation again, we simulated the situation and can clearly state – there is no threat of sudden rising water in Kyiv," deputy chairman of the State Agency of Water Resources of Ukraine said.

Chunarev stressed that the flood peak is expected in the second half of April. "First water from the Prypiat River will go down, followed immediately by water from the Dnipro and the Desna - it will be the beginning of May. We are ready for everything," Chunarev said.

"We expect that the water level within Kyiv will range from 93.3 to 93.7 meters. This is the level that will be pegged. Now the water is at around 90.8 meters, that is additional 2-3 meters," he stressed.


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