Prime Minister Mykola Azarov has promised to draw conclusions from the mistakes made by the authorities in liquidation of consequences of natural disaster.

"I see that our fault was linked to several things. We did not informed Kyiv residents properly ... However, we learn from our mistakes, and we will draw conclusions," PM said at the meeting with public activists, who set up a system of warning and response to snowfall consequences, ForUm correspondent reports.

He stressed that a significant part of Ukraine suffered from the elements, so the authorities had to pay attention not only to Kyiv, but other regions as well.

"We certainly focused on Kyiv, at the same time we could not ignore the regions. Moreover, we were not able to pick up the necessary technique from the nearby regions, as they were also in a difficult situation," Azarov stated.

The Prime Minister noted that the shortage of snowplows was felt in capital. "It was a lack of technique. Even when its number was increased by three times, taking the technique of public and private companies, still physical capabilities did not allow to cover all quickly," Azarov said.

According to PM, the authorities need to develop clear rules of actions, especially with respect to clearing roads.


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