Reforming the tax police units, subject to the Incomes and Fees Ministry of Ukraine, does not provide for increasing powers and rights of the investigators, head of the Incomes and Fees Ministry investigation department of Anatoly Yakovynets said.

"The position of the Ministry was already voiced by the minister. The tax police becomes subject to the Incomes and Fees Ministry of Ukraine without enlarging its powers. That is, the powers, the police had a month, two, three months ago, remain the same," Yakovynets stressed.

He reiterated that, in accordance with the Constitution, activities of the pre-trial investigation bodies are regulated exclusively by the laws of Ukraine.  With the adoption of the new Code of Criminal Procedure, the investigator collects materials within a reasonable time and passes them to the prosecutor. It is the prosecutor, regardless of the agency, in which investigator works, who conducts the investigation.

"In addition, investigators shall be held liable for systematic non-compliance with instructions of prosecutor. Therefore, our procedure of investigations does not differ from the investigations conducted by the analogic services in European countries," the official said.


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