Schemes, organized by Ukraine to get gas in Europe, resemble fraud, chairman of the Board of OAO "Gazprom" Alexey Miller said on Saturday on the air of Russian TV Channel.

"As for the issue of reverse gas supplies from the European Union to Ukraine, we are well aware of these plans, but we have a suspicion that there are no reverse supplies," he said.

"That is, the Gazprom's gas goes to Europe and then immediately turns to Ukraine. There is a loopback on the border, a gas station shows allegedly certain amounts of the Gazprom’s gas, delivered to Europe in the reverse mode. This resembles fraudulent scheme. They simply should be investigated," Miller noted.
He added that spot gas trading platforms in Europe are illiquid.

"If we talk about Ukraine and Ukraine's hopes to buy gas somewhere in the spot markets in Europe, then we should mention that today spot gas prices are higher than under the long-term contracts with the Gazprom. Last week the UK gas cost $ 800 (for 1 thousand cubic meters - Ed.). Our understanding and our vision is that Ukraine will not stand spot prices," chairman of the Board of OAO "Gazprom" summed up.

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