Reorganization of the network of hospital facilities has been started because people complained about the poor quality of medical care and required reforms, health minister Rayisa Bohatyriova said during a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers on Wednesday.

"The issue to reform the domestic health system is no longer a subject for debate. Low rates of health of the citizens of Ukraine reflect the poor state of this sector. By the way, 70% of them, according to the results of sociological surveys conducted back in 2010, agreed with the need to change the medical sector," Bohatyriova said.

The health minister noted that the Soviet hospital infrastructure that Ukraine inherited had duplicated medical services, which led to excessive loads and underfunding, that in turn, negatively affected the quality of medical services.

According to Bohatyriova, before this reform the excess amount of beds at Ukrainian hospitals amounted to 94 per 10 000 population, which is by 1.5 times more than in the EU.

"That's why, optimization of the network of medical institutions that provide primary health care became one of the key directions of the first stage of modernization. The optimization of hospitals aims to focus human and financial resources on directions, where they are used most effectively. Those finances, that we get after the closing of inefficient hospitals, will be used to upgrade the medical equipment at working institutions, improve the provision of medical supplies and increase the medical salaries," she said.

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