The tax police department will remain a part of the Ministry for income and taxes, formed last year, but will be reformed in the nearest future, including reduction in force, Minister Oleksandr Klymenko said in an interview with the First national channel.

The minister has reminded that the tax service has been considerably reformed and improved for the past two years, which enables it to perform its duties more effectively. "Following the success we will reform the tax police department as well, keeping it as a part of the Ministry for income and taxes.

In response to the question about formation of a financial police department, vested with ample powers, the official assured that any changes could and would be made only after public discussions and consultations with business.

"We want to harmonize the law enforcement functions for business to have only one service and department to report to. It is convenient and it is right. We are not sure about the form and shape of this department, but we holding discussions in the government and with the public," Klymenko said.


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