Governments of Ukraine, Poland and Lithuania can finally agree and sign an agreement to establish a joint military brigade to participate in peacekeeping operations in the second quarter of this year, defense minister of Poland Tomasz Siemoniak said during the fifth session of the Interparliamentary Assembly of Ukraine, Poland and Lithuania in Warsaw today.

He recalled that the idea to create such brigade appeared in 2007, noting that this issue was discussed during the last visit of the Ukrainian defense minister to Warsaw last week.

"We suppose if everything is agreed positively, the agreement will be signed in the second quarter of this year," Siemoniak said, noting that the next round of consultations on this issue will be held at the beginning of April.

Siemoniak also said that the training of brigade may begin this autumn.

The Polish minister said that the Ukrainian party will provide 545 militaries and military equipment for the joint division in accordance with prior agreements.

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