According to the conclusions of experts, there will be no problems with water passage in Kyiv, first deputy head of the operational headquarters for coordination of central and local government authorities to respond quickly to emergencies related to extreme weather conditions, regional development, construction, housing and communal services minister of Ukraine Hennady Temnyk said, ForUm correspondent reports.

Answering journalists' questions, he said that at today's meeting of staff, chairman of the KCSA Oleksandr Popov reported that all the activities concerning the resumption of sewage are completed in full. A day earlier, the first deputy chairman of the Kyiv City State Administration Oleksandr Mazurchak instructed authorities to completely clear drain-water inlets in Kyiv for two days.

At the same time, responding to a question by ForUm reporter, whether the abovementioned means that Kyiv is not under threat of flooding, Temnyk said: "I am responsible for housing policy in the industry. If I were a deputy mayor, there would be different actions... So I can answer about the passage of flood only guided by the information provided to me by the appropriate services. However, according to the conclusions of experts and the Kyiv authorities, there will be no problems with water passage. We will monitor the further situation and operational headquarter will continue its work".


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