Medical facilities in Kyiv work in stable and coordinated mode, the KCSA press service informs.

Over the weekend, all the multifield hospitals of the city were involved in providing timely emergency care.

"Now the medical institutions of the capital work in stable and coordinated mode," director of the Kyiv City State Administration healthcare department Vitaly Mokhorev said during a regular meeting of the City headquarter for eliminating consequences of bad weather.
He noted that, in general, on March 23-24, ambulance crews were working in normal mode, the number of calls did not exceed the average statistics. During the day medical care was provided by 145 ambulance crews, and by 105 crews at night.

144 medical interns were additionally involved in delivering outpatient care and calls at home.

" The Kyiv doctors expect growth in incidence of influenza and ARVI because of the bad weather and the air temperature drops," Mokhorev said.

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