Level of vaccination has increased In Kyiv, chief pediatric immunologist of Kyiv Fedir Lapiy told a press conference, ForUm correspondent reports.

"In 2012 showed higher level than 2010 and particularly 2011. We have increased the vaccination level of coverage of the population by 15%, and even by 30% against some infections," he said.

Thus, according to the doctor, vaccination of infants against hepatitis B increased from 20-30% to 60% in 2012.

In addition, Lapiy noted that in 2013, the residents of Kyiv are supplied with vaccines in sufficient quantity.

However, according to Lapiy, there are some problems with the vaccine against hepatitis B in the capital.

"They are related to the fact that a large number of series of vaccines are in the quarantine, and we are waiting for permits to start using them. Depending on the clinic, vaccine supply will last for a week or a month. It is over in some clinics," immunologist said.

At the same time, chief pediatric immunologist of the capital stressed that the delay in vaccines for daily child vaccination is temporary and it can not be compared with the problems, existed in previous years.


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