Healthcare minister Rayisa Bohatyriova believes that healthcare reform is criticized because of the lack of public awareness, so the Ministry will activate this direction.

"Of course, when starting any new affair, in particular such a complicated one as the healthcare reform, it is difficult to expect only positive results just in one year. This is a new thing for citizens and for the physicians themselves. This lack of understanding causes resistance," the minister told a briefing, ForUm correspondent reports.

According to the minister, the Healthcare Ministry has drawn conclusions from criticism, and now actively raises public awareness about this matter. "We should understand that the reforms go in parallel with the treatment process. The changes are also introduced now in such an important sector as primary health care. It causes reaction at the inconveniences that appear, but we consider these issues and try to implement the approaches to avoid problems," Bohatyriova said.

She also noted that the first positive results of the reforms will be seen in 1.5-2 years in form of improving the health indicators of Ukrainians. "We will feel the irreversibility of the positive results of the reforms in 4-5 years. This needs time, will and confidence. We should not give up even when we are criticized, in order to achieve results," the healthcare minister concluded.



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