Ukraine already has comprehensive and very detailed laws, which regulate the important socio-economic areas, former State Secretary of Federal Ministry of Finance of Germany Mr. Gerd Ehlers told in exclusive commentary to ForUm correspondent.

According to him, these are, for example, the Budget and the Tax Codes. "Therefore, the next stage of reforms should be focused not on the new legislation, but on readiness to use it in terms of EU general practice, as well as on adapting some provisions," the financier said.

According to him, further reforms should touch on such aspects as the clear responsibility in the preparation and execution of the budget, the responsibility of some of its managers, and an extensive and effective procedure for accounts monitoring.

"In addition, it is important to observe the basic rules of public procurement, improving the work with the public in the preparation and execution of the budget. Other crucial factors are monitoring of the state corporate rights, mandatory mid-term budget planning and overall direction of fiscal policy at sustainable development," he added.

Mr. Ehlers also named important for the new public finances control strategy to contain less targets, but the ones, which can actually be achieved effectively and on time.


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