President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych criticized the local authorities for the lack of advertising of investment and tourism potential of the regions.

"Potential sources of state revenue such as land, tourist and recreational area are very inefficiently used in Ukraine," he said at the meeting of the Council of Regions, ForUm correspondent reports.

Yanukovych stressed that local governments underestimate the potential of communal property objects, the incomes from which may be an additional source of stable filling of local budgets.

According to him, the regions apply not enough efforts to find investors for the development of the socio-cultural sphere. In addition, tourist potential of areas, which are attractive for investment, is poorly advertised.

Moreover, Yanukovych said that there are regions, which are engaged in branding policy, and "some of them do not even know such a word."

"People do not have to suffer from mood of executives, who work in the regions. The current approaches do not create conditions for attracting investment," he said.

Yanukovych stressed that the local authorities should take comprehensive measures to create new jobs and independently earn money for the budget.


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