Having completed negotiations on the text of the Association Agreement with the European Union, Ukraine has opened the way for its initialing, EU Ambassador to Ukraine Mr. Ian Tombinsky told a press conference, ForUm correspondent reports.

"Having completed negotiations on the text of the Association Agreement, we have opened the way for its ratification and initialing. In this context, we should consider the report on the implementation of the European Neighbourhood Policy in Ukraine, and to draw conclusions. We focus on what has not been done for the agreement signing. Therefore, in the report, you can see such a phrase as controversial impression. Ukraine has produced controversial impression," Mr. Tombinsky said.

He also noted that the Neighbourhood Policy report does not concern Ukraine itself, but the introduction of such a policy in general.

"Following the publication of the report, I noticed that you focused mainly on the negative aspects. It is a very European approach. We're not talking about the positive achievements, and are focusing on the negative," the EU ambassador said.

Mr. Tombinsky added that the EU noted the work done by the Ukraine last year.

"It was noted that much had been done. However, at the same time, much remains to be done, particularly with respect to the EU recommendations. These are the issues of electoral justice, deficiencies observed during the elections last year, as well as the judicial system reform, which is a prerequisite for democracy and an important part of creating a friendly environment for business and investment in the country. These elements are necessary for Ukraine to establish the rule of law and ensure a real democracy," he said, adding that these elements can ensure sustainable economic development of the country.

In addition, the Ambassador said that the EU has paid special attention to Ukraine recently.

"There were high expectations before the elections, the great hope that they will give a new impetus to the development of democracy. However, I have a feeling that the elections have not yet ended, we are living in a time when the elections are going on. Now we need to concentrate on creating all the conditions for the signing of the Association Agreement," he stressed.

Mr. Tombinsky also noted the recent statements of the Ukrainian leadership on European integration.
"I see a broad consensus among the political forces of Ukraine about the European strategy of the country, but now it's time to work, not to make statements. I hope that in the coming weeks the Parliament will perform the work expected of them, and we will be able see a qualitative change in the way of Ukraine towards the EU," the MEP concluded.

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