Five people have been killed in an accident in Dnipropetrovsk, chief of preventive measures department of Traffic Police Oleksandr Zubenko told ForUm correspondent.

"Five people were killed as a result of accident in Dnipropetrovsk. Three women and a boy died at the scene of accident. Another woman died on the way to the hospital," he said.

According to the deputy chief physician of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Clinical Hospital Yuri Skrebets, four of the five injured were delivered in their hospital. This is a girl aged 18 years old, two women aged 51 and 66 years old and 52-year-old man. They are in critical condition.

In addition, Zubenko informed that the fifth victim, according to preliminary data, is in the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Children's Clinical Hospital.

The accident took place in Peremoha-3 residential area in Dnepropetrovsk at 08:00 a.m. on Wednesday.


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