Syrian rebels purposely kill local communities, journalist Ankhar Kochneva told a press conference, ForUm correspondent reports.

"In Damascus about seven thousand people were kidnapped, including foreigners and Syrians," she said.

She noted that according to the official information, equipments from 1.5 thousand plants wwere stolen and transported to Turkey from the center of production - Aleppo city and its region.

According to Kochneva, the rebels are armed better today.

"The bandits (opponents of Bashar al-Assad. - Ed.) have expensive weapons from somewhere. Some forces are put to destroy Syria. On the one hand, the Persian Gulf and the Saudi Arabia do not need Syria. On the other hand, a large gas deposit was found in Syria. Qatar does not need a competitor at all. If there is a complete mess in the country, the deposit will not be developed," she said.

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