Ukraine has fully overcome the mass child homelessness, President's Commissioner for Children's Rights Yuriy Pavlenko told a press conference in Kyiv, UKRINFORM reports.

"Ten-twenty years ago Ukraine saw the mass children homelessness. Today, the homelessness is overcome and, respectively, 90 shelters for street children are not needed now in Ukraine," he said.

According to the Commissioner, orphanages are currently filled only by one third, and there are children who ran away from their families or boarding schools, or children who were taken away from their families with preventive purpose. He added that it is about 15 thousand children.

The official noted that shelters that are no longer in use can be reformatted into preschool facilities, because previously they were reformatted to shelters just from kindergartens.

In his view, reducing the number of street children is due to improved work with families in difficult life circumstances, lower number of orphans and attaining majority by part of street children. "Over the last few years we have managed to prevent new children from appearing in the street, provide maximum assistance to those whom we could provide and whom it was impossible to provide - they just become adults," he said.

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