Last week the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine again decided to introduce non-transferable train tickets, issued in passenger's name. 
Despite the fact that passengers will have to provide ID document only when boarding a train, not when buying a ticket, the decision has caused heated discussions among the population regarding the necessity of such decision.

According to the press office of the Infrastructure Ministry of Ukraine, personal data on the ticket is an integral part of an electronic travel document. "To be able to clarify misunderstandings and to protect passenger's rights, it is necessary to have information about a passenger. Moreover, the travel document includes insurance data of a passenger, so introduction of non-transferable tickets is fully justified," the press office reported.

In addition, infrastructure minister Volodymyr Kozak noted that the given measure is called to prevent black marketeering of train tickets through Internet. ForUm has decided to ask experts whether the non-transferable tickets can really help against profiteers and how the innovation may affect the comfort of passengers.

Natalia Melnyk, press secretary of the transit policy of the Southeast railroad:

- We initiated the introduction of non-transferable tickets because it improves the criminal situation on the railroad. It is a good preventive measure against black marketeering through Internet and a helping hand for solving crimes, committed on the railroad. It will be possible to identify witnesses or accomplices of a crime.

Now, crimes committed on the railroad are difficult to solve. 15 minutes after committing a crime, an offender can leave the train and nobody will ever find him. Tickets issued in passengers' names may help to solve such cases.
Viktor Nebozhenko, director of the sociological service "Ukrainian barometer":

- It is not the first attempt to introduce non-transferable tickets. All previous attempts failed so I think this norm will not last long as well.

The fact is that there always will be people, who buy and sell tickets bypassing official cash desks. Moreover, every chief of a railway station or head of local transit police department knows those involved into black marketeering of tickets. As the saying goes, fish rots from its head. The authorities should clean up the law enforcement bodies instead, and all those profiteers will disappear. Other countries do well without passportization of train tickets. This new practice will only steam our people.

Eduard Bagyrov, human right activist:

- It may help police to solve theft cases, but on the other hand, it creates certain difficulties for passengers. Firstly, car attendants may be tempted to abuse the situation, for example, to demand money if a passenger left passport at home. If the list ID documents included not only passport, but also driving license, military ID or any other ID document with the stamp, I would agree with this norm.  

Secondly, there should be a transition period and people should be informed first about the new practice. Our authorities are good in imposing bans first and informing people later.

Volodymyr Oliynyk, MP (Party of Regions):

- Frankly speaking, I have not taken a train for a while. I don't know if it can help to solve the problem of black marketeering. However, I believe the authorities should avoid creating inconveniences for people. I respect the resolution of the Cabinet, but if I see that it is unreasonable I will act as a deputy.

Serhiy Sas, MP (Batkivshchyna faction):

- The practice of non-transferable tickets was used in Ukraine before. This time, the expert conclusions say the decision is aimed at fighting crimes. Others believe it creates inconveniences for people. Well, both sides are right. The fact is that Ukrainians do not always carry passports on them, so there may be certain difficulties. However, such difficulties do not affect the life and well-being of citizens, so I take this decision easy.


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