Today, March 18, the Orthodox, Roman Catholics and Greek Catholics faithful enter into the Lent - a time when Christians prefer the inner spiritual life, preparing for the holiday of Christ's Resurrection.

Church clerics stress that fast is not a goal for believers, but a means of escape from the satisfaction of bodily needs for sake of spiritual ones. Without it, they say, any fast is just a diet.

The tradition of fasting dates back to the early Christians. The basic rule of fasting was eating not more than once a day, abstaining from wine, sweet and savory, spending the day in solitude and prayer.
Lent in Christianity is of symbolic nature: according to the Bible, Jesus Christ kept fast for 40 days.

Now, the Lent lasts for six weeks, followed by the Holy Week before Easter.

During the Holy Week the faithful commemorate the Last Supper, sufferings and crucifixion, burial of Jesus Christ. Traditionally, this week is a preparation for the main Christian holiday - the Resurrection.

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