Improved ventilation system and places for disabled people will be installed in modernized metro cars, acting chairman of the Kriukovsky carriage works Oleksandr Peryshkin said during the transmission of first five cars for reconstruction, ForUm correspondent reports.

"The new ventilation system in cars will be equipped in accordance with modern requirements. Driver's cabs will have an air conditioner for comfortable work. Passenger cars will have the same mechanical ventilation system, but improved, and air intake will be better there. In addition, rain and snow will not fall into the cars through the open windows," Peryshkin said.

In addition, according to him, the first and the last cars will have places with special attachments for wheelchairs.

Peryshkin also stressed that the project for modernization of Kyiv metro cars is divided into two stages. When the fist cars are designed, they will be tested, and only then the production of modernized cars will begin.

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