MPs may participate in a government meeting only on agreement with the Prime Minister, the Government Decree № 147 of March 11 says.

In particular, this resolution amends the regulations of the Cabinet, according to which issue of people's deputies' participation in the Cabinet's meeting is decided in consultation with the Prime Minister based on a message with a personal signature of the people's deputy of Ukraine or a chairman of a deputy faction, group, received before the day of the meeting (but no later than 24 hours before its holding).

"If the number of deputies, who are willing to take part in the meeting, exceeds the number of seats designated for them in the meeting room, then MPs participate in a meeting in proportion to the number of representatives of the parliamentary factions and groups and the number of individual deputies," the resolution reads.

No more than 10 people's deputies may attend the Cabinet's meeting.

The document also says that the meeting participants and guests can submit their comments on the considered issues in writing.

Persons invited to a meeting of the Cabinet may make proposals, remarks, give explanations to the issue, after it is discussed by the government members and with the permission of the chairman of the meeting.

Participants of the meeting and invited persons should not interrupt speakers, comment on reports and presentations, make replicas and otherwise impede the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers.


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