Measures to improve road safety have helped reduce the number of road accidents by 28%, infrastructure minister Volodymyr Kozak told a briefing after the Cabinet’s meeting. 

According to him, Ukraine is an active participant of the project “United Nations Decade of Action for Road Safety” of the UN General Assembly, announced in 2010.

"Over the past five years, more than 660 thousand road signs, 351 thousand guide posts, 845 km of new metal barrier fence have been installed, more than 3400 km of the barrier fence have been repaired. Carriageway marking have been put at 210 thousand km of roads, 91 km of artificial light, 310 km of sidewalks have been repaired, etc.," Kozak specified

According to him, these measures have reduced the number of sections on the roads, where car accidents occurred often, from 329 in 2008 to 183 in 2012.

"It is not enough, of course. However, the performed work gives the result. In 2012, 27.598 road accidents occurred on the public roads, of which 241 accidents happened due to fault of public road system. This is 28% less compared to 2011 - when there were 333 accidents for this reason," he said.


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