Ukrainian citizen Anhar Kochneva, kidnapped by Syrian rebels in October last year, confirmed by phone that she escaped from the kidnappers on Monday.

"I was a prisoner of the head of the Military Council of the Free Syrian Army. I have escaped this morning at 6 a.m. I was detained in one of the southern suburbs of Homs. Having escaped, I walked, and the first passer-by turned out to be the one I need," Kochneva said.

According to her, the kidnappers treated her badly. "In the beginning, the first 40 days, I was treated more or less normally and then they started to hurt me. They themselves live in bad conditions and I live in the worse... Now I have to undergo long and expensive medical treatment..." Kochneva said.

Ukrainian journalist admitted that she planned and carried out an escape from captivity by herself. "On the last days of my stay in captivity they enhanced security, but I understood where they doped off and I managed to run ... It was a great risk. I was walking through the fields, which could end with mine fields, but I went through them," Kochneva said, adding that now she "goes to Damascus" under protection.



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