The society's attitude towards March 8 is controversial. Some people consider it a soviet relic, and do not accept it in independent Ukraine. Others, mostly young people, consider it ridiculous to celebrate the fact that someone was born a woman and someone - a man.

However, the major part of Ukrainians still enjoys the holiday and considers it a good occasion to pay more attention to mothers, daughters, wives, girlfriends, female colleagues. Ukrainians do not even recall the origin and history of the holiday, but simply enjoy the festive table and the day off. In February, the Kyiv international institute of sociology held a relevant survey to find out what presents Ukrainian women prefer to receive on this holiday. According to the results, 26% prefer flowers, 11% will welcome compliments and attention, 8% would not mind to get jewelries, 6% of women dream about romantic trip and 5% would like to get a perfume.

ForUm has asked people of name about what they think on this holiday and if they will celebrate it.

Mykola Azarov, Prime Minister of Ukraine:

- With all my heart I congratulate Ukrainian women with this spring holiday. Women not only give life, but also make it beautiful. Women in our times play an important in the development of the society. I wish you happiness, love and success in everything you do.

Iryna Akymova, deputy head of President's Administration:

- We have so many wonderful, beautiful and talented women. I wish them happiness and professional success.

Anna Herman, MP (Party of Regions faction):

- I respect this day because many Ukrainian women celebrate this holiday. As for me, I will go in Khmelnyk city of Vinnytsia region for this long weekend to celebrate Shevchenko's days. There will be a Youth theatre from Ivano-Frankivsk performing my play.

Once, Shevchenko's days were prohibited in Galychyna, and people secretly celebrated it on March 8. I support this tradition for many years.

Petro Symonenko, MP, leader of the Communist Party:

- It is outrages that there is ambivalent attitude towards women. On one hand, on March 8 they receive congratulates and compliments, but the rest of year they are treated disrespectfully. Women get sold, beaten and morally destroyed.

What we need is spiritual development. For all times women have been keeping the human kind, created warmth and comfort in the house, brought up children. Women's happiness is confidence in the future. For this, my dear, I wish you to find harmony and peace. I also want to tell women that it is time to give an earful to certain men.

Ksenia Lyapina, MP (Batkivshchyna):

- I do not recognize March 8 as a holiday. I prefer Mother's Day. In my opinion, a holiday by gender is humiliating. There cannot be only one women's day in a year. And what are the rest 364 days - men's days?

We inherited such attitude - Kinder, Kuche, Kirche - from soviet times, and modern Ukrainian women must fight against it.

Bogdan Benyuk, honored artist of Ukraine, MP (Freedom):

- I've always been skeptical about this holiday, and when I learned the history of this holiday I understood why. When I was in Canada for the first time it was March, and on 8th I started to congratulate their women. Judging by reaction, I understood that this holiday is not international at all.

The matter is that women must be treated kindly the whole year, not only one day - father is cooking, children are making drawings... It is showing off. We have another true holiday - the Mother's Day being celebrated in May.

Anatoly Seminoga, MP (Batkivshchyna):

- I want to wish our women stability and happiness. I want our women to believe that our men can make the country the best place on Earth.

I always congratulate my women on this holiday. We have a tradition with my son to replace our women on this day - we cook, clean, wash, do everything what women do in the house.

Vadym Kolesnichenko, MP (Party of Regions):

- I want to wish Ukrainians women patience towards men. We try to do our best to create comfortable conditions for life in the prosperous country.  I wish women to keep giving love and beauty, which are able to save us from problems.

Oleksandr Holub, MP (Communist party):

- I wish Ukrainian women stability, both material and spiritual. I wish them to meet only kind people and to have only loving people around.

Oleh Lyashko, MP, non-factional:

- Ukrainian women are the best in the world. I wish them to love and to be loved.

56% of our population is women, and unfortunately, many of them are lonely and do not have a shoulder to lean on. I wish every woman to find her second half and to have March 8 not once a year but every day.

I always congratulate women on this holiday. For my wife and daughter I will bring flowers and will take them to Sukhishvili ballet in the evening.


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