After visiting the Cherkasy regional diagnostic consultation center, President Viktor Yanukovych promised to correctly apportion the revenues of the state and direct them, in particular, at social payments and wages.

Having delivered the speech and got familiarized with the center, the President went to the citizens, who began to ask questions.

In particular, the residents of Cherkasy region were interested in the question of increase in salaries to state employees.

"We should not deceive ourselves. Everything we earn will be ours and we will apportion it properly: first of all, to the poor, for those who can not earn for themselves, in particular, (for) pensioners and the disabled," he said.

He stressed that the increase in social benefits depends on the economic performance.

"Look at what is being done in Europe: cuts in wages and social benefits," the head of state said.

He noted that social payments and wages have been gradually increased for the last three years in Ukraine.



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