The annual address of the President to the Parliament is being prepared, representative of the President in Parliament, MP from the Party of Regions Yuri Miroshnichenko told reporters on the sidelines of the Verkhovna Rada, ForUm correspondent reports.

Responding to question by ForUm correspondent whether the President will come to the Parliament or he will address the deputies in writing, Miroshnichenko said that the message is bound to be written.

"When the President makes a speech in Parliament, the address is much broader. It covers all sectors of society: economics, politics, foreign policy, and others. After the adoption of the law on the program documents, the status of the annual message of the President has been significantly increased. However, the President may give a speech in the Parliament.  It all depends on how things will develop in the Verkhovna Rada," the MP said.

"The President regularly comes to the Parliament. In turn, the Parliament is not always ready to start to work, not speaking about inviting the President," he concluded.


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